Big In Japan

Nick Walker’s art is conquering the land of the rising Sun – His biggest collection of art pieces that have defined the global street art scene is coming to Japan. Described as the next big thing in Japan, Nick walker’s art has the potential to give a new type of “beauty” not only in Japan but to all people in Asia.

The first exhibition “Contemporary Art from Around the World” starts today at Maruzen Marunouchi main store in Tokyo and runs till the 6th of July. This show features legendary works of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Nick Walker, Jamie Reid, DOLK, Mitsuo Kano, and many others.

The second exhibition, entitled “Fine Art Collection”, will be on display from July 8th to 13th July 2021 at Matsuzakaya Nagoya Gallery. The show is featuring works of major contemporary artists Nick Walker, Taro Okamoto, Jamie Reid, Yayoi Kusama, and Takashi Murakami. The “Fine Art Collection” exhibition will also have its virtual edition.

As an internationally acclaimed artist, Nick Walker will show the true power of street art and its effect on our contemporary society. Street art has been growing in popularity among investors around the globe in recent years, but it’s also a category of contemporary art that has been pushing its way to the forefront of the art scene.

In recent years, the number of modern art collectors is growing in Japan. Looking through the times of crisis, the affordability and high level of liquidity of Japan’s art market seem to offer better protection than other markets. Well-informed and eclectic, Japan’s major art collectors are looking forward to getting their hands on Nick Walker’s remarkable art pieces.

In case you missed these exhibitions, don’t worry, because all Nick Walker’s artworks are available through 2B Art & Toys Gallery.