Artist’s Statement

“In 1992 I began to combine stencils with my freehand work, which allowed me to juxtapose almost photographic imagery with the rawness which evolved from conventional graffiti styles. Stencils introduce an impact element to my work. The appeal of stencils is that they allow me to take an image from anywhere – dissect any part of life – and recreate it on any surface.

I try to add an element of humour or irony to some paintings to add a little light relief to the walls. Painting is a form of escapism for me and if my work allows the spectator to do the same thing, then I’ve achieved more than I set out to do.”



Nick Walker is one of the world’s best known street artists. Born in 1969, he emerged from the infamous and ground-breaking Bristol graffiti scene of the early 1980s.
As a forerunner of the British graffiti phenomenon, Nick’s work has become a blueprint for hundreds of emerging artists. His work is constantly evolving and remains innovative, modern and thought-provoking.

Nick draws on the energy and imagery of graffiti but he succeeds in combining the freedom the spray can brings, with very controlled and intricate stenciling. The results are highly sophisticated and infinitely desirable. The methods he uses retain their forcefulness and integrity on the traditional medium of canvas.

Nick Walker’s instantly recognisable style and humour have gain ed him a worldwide following. In 2008 Nick had sellout shows in LA and London, where collectors queued for over 24 hours to be among the first to get his latest print edition. In 2008, his iconic Moona Lisa sold over ten times its estimated value at auction at Bonhams.

Over the years Nick’s work has been accoladed by the media and has attracted headlines worldwide, including the front page of the Independent arts magazine and the Observer’s round up of the year’s biggest events of 2008.


Vanguard Bristol (group show) – ‘Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement’
July – October 2021.

Art Tokyo (group show) – “The Traces from Pop Art to Street Art”
28 July – 3 August 2021.

2B Art & Toys Gallery – Palma de Mallorca (group show) ‘Cross the Line’
June – July 2021.

Matsuzakaya Nagoya (group show) – “Fine Art Collection”
8 July – 13 July 2021.

Matsuzakaya, Ueno (group show) – “Japanese Painting, Western Painting, Handicraft, Special Exhibition”
2 June – 7 June 2021.

Maruzen Marunouchi Tokyo (group show) – “Contemporary Art from Around the World”
30 June – 6 July 2020

Matsuzakaya Nagoya (group show) – “Past, Present and Future of Contemporary Art”
19 May – 25 May 2021.

Galerie Brugier Rigail- Paris (group show) ‘Stencil Power’
July – August 2020.

Galerie Brugier Rigail- Online Exhibiton (group show) ‘Mai – Juin 2020’
May – June 2020.

International Pop Gallery – NYC (group show) ‘Here and Now’
Dec 2019.

Fluctuart Center Art Urbain – Paris (group show) ‘Veni, Vidi, Vinci’
Nov 2019.

Lazinc Gallery and Magda Danysz Gallery – London (group show) ‘Watch This Space’
Sept 2019 – March 2020.

Galerie Brugier Rigail- Seoul (group show) ‘Urban Collection’
June – July 2019.

Galerie Brugier Rigail – Paris (solo show) ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’
June 2019.

Urban Nation Museum – Berlin (group show) ‘Exhibition Opening and Inauguration of the Artist Residencies’
Sept 2017.

Above Second Gallery – Hong Kong (group show) ‘The Collaborations – Part 2’
July 2017.

Illegal Mezcal Headquarter – NYC (group show) ‘The Collaborations – Part 1’
March 2017.

Galerie Brugier Rigail – Paris (solo show) ‘Unspoken Words’
March 2017.

La Condition Publique – Roubaix, France ( group show) ’Street Generation (s)’
March 2017- June 2017.

Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum – Seoul (group show) ‘The Great Graffiti exhibition’
Dec 2016.

Illegal Mezcal Headquater – NYC (solo show) ‘Bridges’
Nov 2016.

Wall Works New York – NYC (solo show) ’The Last Ride’
Sept 2016.

Parko Gallery Tokyo – Tokyo (solo show) ‘Vandalizm’
July 2016.

Galerie Kronsbein- Munich (group exhibition) ‘Urban Art Preview’

SCOPE-Lawrence Alkin Gallery – Miami Beach FL (group exhibition)
Dec 2015.

Above Second Gallery – Hong Kong (solo show) ‘Entropy’
Sept 2015.

Magda Danysz Gallery – London ( group show) ‘The London Project’
May 2015.

Copro Gallery – LA (group show) ‘The British are Coming’
May 2014.

Above Second Gallery – Hong Kong (group Show) ‘Trail Blazers’
Feb 2013.

Opera Gallery – London (group show) ‘Urban Masters’
Nov 2012.

Stephen Webster – Beverly Hills LA (group show) ‘City of Fire’
June 2012.

Above Second gallery – Hong Kong (group show) ‘East West Connect’
Nov 2011.

Major Art Event. Bristol UK (group show) ‘See No Evil Street Art Event’ large scale mural exhibition
Aug 2011.

Corey Helford Gallery – LA (group show) ‘In the Nursery’
Jan 2011.

Art Sensus gallery – London (solo show) ‘In Gods we trust’
Oct 2010.

Black Rat Press gallery-London (solo show) ’A sequence of events’ and book launch’
May 2009.

Black Rat Press gallery London (group show) Print show
Aug 2008.

Black Rat Press gallery London (solo) ‘V 4 Vandal’ London
April 2008.

Carmichael Gallery -LA (solo show) ‘Pretty Decorating’
Feb 2008.

Black Rat Press gallery (Group show) ‘White Noise London’
23 Nov 2006 – Dec 2007.

Leonard Street Gallery – LOndon, UK (group show) ’Found’
July 2007.

Randall Scott Gallery – Washington D.C., USA (group show) ‘The Living Room’
April 2007.

The Wonderful Workshop – Bristol, UK (solo show) ‘To Have & To Hold’
6th April – 4th May 2007.

The Park Gallery – Bristol, UK (solo show) ‘The Art of Nick Walker’
8th – 30th December 2007.

Santas Ghetto – London, UK (group show) ‘Santas Ghetto’
December 2007.

Grand OFR – London, UK (solo show) ‘Origin of the Species’
15th Dec – 17th January 2006.

Judge Dredd Exhibit- London, UK (group show) ‘ZarJaz 2000 AD’
9th Dec – 10th January 2006.

Pimp Magazine – London, UK (group show) ‘On the 7th Day’ (group show)
8th – 31st December 2005.

Nick Walker Christmas (solo show) – Bristol
7th December – 21st December 2005.

Best – London, UK (group show) ‘Best in Show’
21st October – 22nd November 2005.

95 Gallery – Berlin, Germany (solo show) ‘Origin of the Species’ 2nd Chapter’
September – November 2005.

Pixie Gallery – Tapei, Taiwain (group show) ’Adfunture Invasion’
August 11th – September 11th 2005.

17 Gallery – London, UK (solo show) ‘Origin of the Species’
19th – 27th May 2005.

Iconic – Toronto, Canada (group show) ‘Adfunture Show’
17th May – 19th June 2005.

Urbis Artium Gallery – San Francisco, USA (group show) ‘A World of Influence’
March 2005.

Gigantic Brand – New York, USA (group show) ‘Adfunture Show’
February – March 2005.

The Kantor Gallery – Los Angeles, USA (group show) ‘A Decade of Art’ 10th Anniversary show
February 5th – March 12th 2005.

Upper Playground Gallery – San Francisco, USA (group show) ‘Islands & Bridges’
January 6th – February 3rd 2005.

Cooshti – Bristol, UK (solo show) ‘Stencilitis’
December 2004.

17 Space Gallery – London, UK (group show) ‘Scrawl Collective show – All the People We Like are Dead’
October – December 2004.

AKA – London , UK (group show) ‘Graffiti World Exhibition’
October 2004.

The Mall Galleries – London , UK (group show) ‘Design & Artists’ Copyright Society – 20th anniversary Exhibition’
August 2004.

The Arnolfini Gallery – Bristol (group show) ‘Talking Walls’
June 2004.

One30 Gallery – Bristol, UK (group show) ‘Lost & Found’
June – July 2004.

Best Gallery – London, UK (group show) ’Manifestation’
April – May 2004.

Box Fresh Shorts – London, UK (group show) ‘The Scrawl Collective’
Feb – Aug 2004.

The Lab 101 – Santa Monica, USA (group show)’The Scrawl Collective’
November – December 2003.

The Robinson Building Exhibition – Bristol, UK (group show) ‘Open Studios’
Sept 2003.

13Hundred Gallery – Cleveland, USA (group show) ’Sexhibition’
July – Aug 2003.

NFS Industries – Boston, USA ( group show) ’Texstyles’
June 2003.

Millicent Gallery – Los Angeles, USA (group show) ‘TeeTime’
3rd – 5th May 2003.

Il Bordello – Bristol, UK (solo show) ’A Series of Small Paintings’
30th April – 14th May 2003.

Exposure Gallery – London, UK (solo show) ’SexCells’
Mar 2003.

The Hoxton Square – London, UK (solo show) ’Apish Angel’
17th October-19th Dec 2002.

entre Space Gallery- Bristol, UK (group show) ‘D-frost’
31st August – 4th Sept 2002.

Tobacco Factory – Bristol, UK (solo show) ’The Future Is Not What It Was’
5th June-5th July 2002.

Hotwell Gallery – Bristol, UK (solo show) ‘SexCells’
8th – 22nd March 2002.

Two Floors – London, UK (solo show) ’Uptown Downtown’
10th Feb – 9th March 1997.

The Place Gallery – London, UK (solo show) ’The Underclass’
6th – 20th Dec 1995.

Thomas kettle Gallery – , UK (solo show) ’Seconds in Mecca’
15th May – 5th June 1995.

Thomas Kettle Gallery, London, UK (solo show) ’The Underclass’
22nd Feb – 22nd March 1994.

Arnolfini Gallery – Bristol, UK (group show along with Pride, 3D, and Z-Boys) ‘Graffiti Art in Bristol’
July – August 1985.


Nick Walker | “Vandal Child” Print Process (2020)


Prints on Wood and English graffiti artist Nick Walker (2015)


Nick Walker | Moona Lisa Stencil (2006)