“Love Bats” Print Release

Nick Walker's "Love Bats" print release

Nick Walker’s “Love Bats” print release.With three decades of work under his belt, the artist who brought street art to the mainstream, Nick Walker is releasing his latest print together with 2B Art & Toys Gallery. After the astounding “Love Bats” mural, the print edition will see the light of day. And what better way to introduce this limited edition print than on Nick Walker’s art evening this Thursday at 2B Gallery on the beautiful Majorca.

 Love Bats is released in 9 different variations, each in different limited edition size.

Screenprint on Somerset Paper 300g

Dimensions: 50 x 50cm

Signature: Signed and numbered by Nick Walker

Certificate of Authenticity Included.


Red edition of 500 pieces – 300 euro

Orange edition of 50 pieces – 500 euro

Gold edition of 50 pieces – 500 euro

Silver edition of 50 pieces – 500 euro

All are limited to 2 per person and purchase.


Yellow to red edition of 10 pieces –  700  euro 

Pink to light pink edition of 10 pieces – 700 euro

Blue to purple edition of 10 pieces – 700 euro

Blue to light blue edition of 10 pieces – 700 euro

Pink to green edition of 10 pieces – 700  euro

Limited to one per person and purchase.


The creator of some of the most recognized street images out there made a new print called “Love Bats”. In this admirable piece, Nick has captured the essence of serenity. After all, even the Vandal needs a break from all his impish mischievousness, and what better way to settle down and rest than to sail away towards love. This print has a calming and soothing effect, by carrying us out of present circumstances and reframing events against a more imposing or vast backdrop.


All these prints are available at 2B Art & Toys Gallery.