Cross The Line Exhibition at 2B Art & Toys Gallery

As part of the group exhibition “Cross the Line” at 2B Art & Toys Gallery, Nick Walker will join forces with Ben Eine, The Dotmaster, and El Pez for one spectacular show.

“Cross the Line” group exhibition celebrates the urban art movement in its unique artistic innovation and joy of experimentation. In making visible both the restrictions and the freedoms of urban culture, they explore how identities and histories are created, transformed, or invented. Nick Walker will present his new series of artworks and introduce a completely new character – “Vandal Child”, and some never-before-seen artworks from the famous “Smoke” series.

Besides thought-provoking in-person viewing of the show, visitors will be able to explore a virtual version featuring high-resolution images, as well as brief biographies, podcasts, and blog posts. The exhibition will be opened at the same time to the public online via, Artsy, and Artnet.

What makes this exhibition apart from the others is the exclusivity and the ability to purchase art in both traditional and digital ways directly from the artists. This occasion will also mark Nick Walker’s grand entrance into the world of crypto-art. For the first time, Nick Walker in collaboration with the 2B Art & Toys Gallery will present his NFT artworks.

More details are to be revealed soon, so stay tuned.