Forgotten Masterpiece Set For Charity Auction

Back in the spring of 2009, nearly 50 of Bristol’s best-known and most successful graffiti and street artists invaded the city’s oldest and grandest gallery, the Royal West Of England Academy (RWA) in an exhibition called Crimes of Passion. It was a brave gamble allowing the art to be spray directly onto the walls of the Academy, but a gamble that paid of as record numbers attended and it was hailed as the show of the year.

One of them was Nick Walker, who has become synonymous with boundary-pushing stencil graffiti art. He painted a truly unique mural on the wall of the gallery and this artwork, which has been covered up for most of the past decade with a false wall, is now set to get a new life. Thanks to the collaboration between the Royal West of England Academy and 2B Art & Toys Gallery, Nick’s mural will be taken down from the walls of the RWA and the pieces will be sold and partly used for charity via 2B gallery.

This stunning artwork will be cut down into smaller pieces and distributed separately. This way, the collectors and buyers will get a chance to purchase a rare and authentic segment of street art history, while some parts will end up at charity auction. It’s like Nick Walker’s work has from the beginning sought to serve a social purpose.