Rebirth of the iconic Moona Lisa

After more than 10 years, Nick Walker’s legendary artwork “Moona Lisa” got a new version – In a form of a sculpture. For the first time, this unique statue will be on view in a new exhibition that celebrates the international street art movement, focusing on Bristol’s pivotal role within it. The “Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement” is an exhibition exploring the instrumental role of local creatives in the development of British Street Art from the 1980s to the present day.

For this occasion, a true star that emerged from the infamous and ground-breaking Bristol graffiti scene of the early 1980s, Nick Walker gave his iconic Moona Lisa a new life. After tremendous success in 2008 when Moona Lisa artwork was sold for over ten times its estimated value at auction at Bonhams, this masterpiece in resin which is now on view in the exhibition in Bristol, will also get three smaller limited-edition bronze and two AP versions exclusively through 2B Art & Toys Gallery. These five limited-edition statues will be around 30cm high and will be released sometime in September this year. Besides Nick Walker’s iconic works, this exhibition by Vanguard which runs until the end of October is featuring some rare works by Banksy, Inkie, and other leading graffiti artists.