The Traces from Pop Art to Street Art

Nick Walker - "The Departure" print

As the summer heats up, the eyes of the world are turning to Tokyo and the Olympic Games. But the Summer Olympic games aren’t the only attraction worth visiting in Tokyo. For all art lovers out there, Nick Walker is continuing his art tour across Japan.

Nick Walker's art exhibition in Tokyo

“ART ART TOKYO” is divided into four different exhibitions (and a special exhibition) that take place from July to August. From the 28th of July to 3rd of August “The Traces from Pop Art to Street Art” group exhibition in Tokyo explores the world of street art and how massive it has become today, through the eyes of the artists that helped create it, continue to push it, and are inspired by it. This exhibition will trace the development of street art from the ‘90s to the global movement it has become today, concentrating on key players and their art. From legends like Banksy and Nick Walker to contemporary talents such as Dolk and Jamie Reid, this group exhibition will show the vast, all-inclusive, and vivid depiction of street art’s rise into the mainstream.

Love Goes On – Blue Version · 2018 · Nick Walker
Love Goes On – Blue Version

No doubt the highlight of the show will be Banksy’s and Nick Walker’s art. Famous for their witty artworks that often make powerful points on world affairs and society, Banksy and Nick Walker are known as the founding fathers of Bristol’s street art scene. Widely praised for using their characters to snarkily raise awareness for socio-political issues, the Bristol duo is bringing their most famous artworks to Japan.

Nick Walker's art exhibition in Tokyo

There will also be a collection of Nick Walker’s limited-edition goods for sale, some of which already are available at 2B Art & Toys Gallery. Whether your flights are booked or you’re just now considering going, Tokyo is definitely a place to be this summer.